About The Blogger

Barefaced Eating - The Blogger Inside

Debbie Murphy is the brains behind the blog and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to get you to love food again!

  • A qualified Chef and trained in food preparation and food safety
  • An experienced writer, with published work and a regular newspaper column
  • Trained in Human Nutritional Requirements
  • Educated in the nutritional qualities of different foods and their natural medicinal properties
  • Trained in coaching skills and human behaviour
  • Experienced in designing menus to provide a balanced and nutritious diet plan and educating others how this can be achieved
  • Equipped in providing businesses with a wealth of content for their own marketing and websites.
  • Recipe development for all diets and experienced with all diet protocols and diet types.
About The Blogger

As a Qualified Nutritional Chef...

I have been lucky enough to be trained at Leith's School in London, the Diet Specialists and the Health Science Academy and encountered many experiences with food over the years. Creating menus and dishes that are balanced has been a large part of my life and understanding the nutritional values of food and what impact they have on the human body enables me to provide positive and practical advice on eating.

As a Mum of 3 Children...

I have experienced many lessons learned with food! Weaning 3 babies without the use of processed, pre-made foods was a huge part of my life for some time. Addressing issues with fussy eaters but still keeping good food habits has been overcome with sanity intact.

As an Individual Who has Embarked on Both Weight Loss Schemes and Weight Sustaining...

I have a deep understanding of the complex relationships with food. The importance of creating good food habits for life far out weighs any quick fix diet, that seems to create even more weight gain in the long run! I have learnt the hard way -good nutrition equals happiness.

About The Blogger

As A Coach...

Coaching is a highly effective way to get the support you need to make positive, enforced change in to your life, whatever the objective. As a trained coach, I have helped many individuals overhaul their eating habits, behaviour and attitude towards themselves and the food they eat.

As an Exercise Lover...

Having come from a background of "exercise hating", never enjoying school sports or embarking on any form of exercise as an adult, I have turned myself around! Eating well and exercising has become the foundation of my life and this has been a joy to share in my writing and with previous coaching clients.