Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Barefaced Eating is a simple concept. It uses common sense and a balanced lifestyle where fun is just as important as food!

Poor nutrition can lead to illness, injury, low mood, mental issues, poor concentration and lethargy; however, it's quite amazing that many of us still insist on restricting, depriving and sometimes starving our bodies of what it needs.

But why? Here are some of the reason to chew over...

Body image This one is high up on reasons for poor nutrition. We are a nation of "watchers", bad hair days, crazy clothes choice days, poor skin and "fat days" are all now a permanent stain in your social media history. This also includes the images of you, that you would rather burn, through family and friend's profiles. No wonder there is a certain amount of misery attached to feeling over weight.

Food fads This one can really be quite astonishing and makes good entertainment to read about when you have the confidence to have a sensible attitude towards eating. The Baby Food Diet? Come on, how can just pureeing everything you eat make any difference to nutrition and your weight? Hot water and lemon diet? It won't see you watching your muffin top tone up and disappear, but it will leave you without energy, miserable, susceptible to injury and illness and probably divorced and friendless too!

Illness and Allergies Okay, these reasons are real. They are dealt with by qualified health professionals and dieticians and hopefully you have been well educated by them to be able to select the recipes from Barefaced Eating that you can use and enjoy. If you're concerned, see your GP!

Choosing Vegan and Vegetarian Life This choice can be quite a challenge when it comes to eating and it can take a little effort to adapt your cooking and shopping habits to make this change easier. But this freedom of choice should be whole heartedly embraced as we have such amazing possibilities to follow our beliefs and really fill our bodies with all of the good things to make it strong and sustainable. Both vegetarian and vegan recipes can be a wealth of nutrition and flavour that anyone can enjoy and Barefaced Eating can provide you with a lot of inspiration if you are heading that way.

Time, effort and money This is a pot of concern for those who are time poor, have limited cooking confidence and low disposable income. Poor nutrition is cheap and easy, it's found in ready meals, pre-packed foods and always seems to have a "buy one get one free" attached to it. Think of your body! Give it what it NEEDS as it's certainly achievable to do good nutrition with limited time, skills and money.

Barefaced Eating is about doing the right thing for your body, whatever your choice or goals, good nutrition is still important for you to function and to enjoy the life that you have. You only have one.