The Quickest Breakfast Yet!


Don't just grab a box of cereal when time is limited in the morning. This is just as quick, no processed sugars, more filling, light, refreshing....the list can go on! But you would have made it, eaten it and got out the door before I would finish!

See the Foodie Spotlight for information on one of the ingredients I used, it will save you time!

Recipe & Instructions

Serves 1

3 tbsp Greek Yoghurt
1 tbsp Any Milk
2 tbsp Frozen Mixed Fruit (see Tesco's Breakfast Topper in The Blog)
1 tbsp any seeds, or a mix
2 tbsp jumbo oats

Put everything in the bowl and mix. Eat immediately or leave to soak in the fridge whilst you get showered.

You could use any non-frozen fruit too, it won't be quite as refreshing though.