Grapes and Coconut Shake


Grapes are a sweet fruit, one of the sweetest, so this shake shouldn't be relied on every day. However, if you do need a natural sweet boost to stave off any processed sugar craving, or trying to convince an SNB (a "Smoothie Non-Believer") that they should embark on a bit of nutritious hydration, this one is the one to make them!

Find yourself a good quality protein powder (no added sugars or flavours) and you can add some extra nutrition to any drinks that will see you through until the next meal.

Recipe & Instructions

Serves 1

250ml coconut milk
1 tbsp protein powder
1 small banana, preferably chopped and frozen
About 8 red grapes

Place the lot into a high speed blender and process until smooth. Like any shakes or smoothies, they are best served immediately and chilled.