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All I Want For Mothers Day...

All I Want For Mothers Day...

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Here's a treat for all you mums who could do with a smile.

All I want for Mothers Day

Here is a verse, that may help you to see,
That the question you're asked, when you're making the tea
"Mother's Day Mum! What would you like?
"Some flowers? Some jewellery? Some chocolate? A bike?"
Is a question that needs, some thought and some time,
A chance to consider, equipped with a wine
So get off the floor, and really stand tall,
Get over the fact you've been asked at all!
Have a long think of the things you don't buy,
The shoes with the price that brought tears to your eye,
The jacket you loved, but the new tyres won,
The practical car for the "school run mum".
The hair cut that's quick and an ease to create,
Whilst screaming at kids "we're going to be late!"
The gin you abstained as you knew the next day,
Would leave you just useless, bad tempered and grey,
The handbag with label, to make you feel proud,
With leather so soft, that you've never allowed!
The magazine rack, full of fashion and tips,
On how to beat wrinkles and boosting those lips,
A night at the theatre to see a great show,
A romantic trip without children in tow!
That stationary set, was really sublime!
Left on the shelf as you ran out of time,
The chocolates you passed as you flew through the shop,
For presents, P.E Bag and birthday girl top,
The massage you missed from a telephone call,
"Your son isn't well, he's been hit by a ball"
The dinner you made, but too cold to enjoy,
By the time you had searched for that lost bedtime toy.
So, sit with the wine, have a think to yourself,
What you probably need, won't be found on a shelf,
The best things to ask for, can't be brought from a shop
No makeup, or perfume or "going out" top.
It's those cuddles and kisses; you'll feel like a star!
To remind you why really, how lucky you are,
But if there's one thing, just one thing, that feels like a treat -
Ask for an extra DAY IN THE WEEK!