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Sugar - Is This YOUR Drug?

Sugar - Is This YOUR Drug?

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Hey, day 2 and step 2 of the strategy to Boost The Mood!

I reckon one of the things we should all be doing to assist in our moods, is to reduce our sugar intake. What? I hear you cry! You may reminisce about the good feeling you have when the chocolate hits your system, or when the milkshake starts working it's magic, but what about that feeling afterwards? You know the one, the slump of guilt, tiredness and irritability that leaves you reaching for round 2 of the sugar hit.

When we apply our body with sugar, regardless of its form (sugar can be found in many hidden places, ever wonder why some of the ready meals and pasta sauces taste so good?) our system has to deal with it. Mainly, by our pancreas producing the insulin, which is what the sugar "management system" is. Once the sugar has given us this high feeling, which is quick, as it enters our blood streams very efficiently, we are often left feeling like we need something to replace it: A hollow feeling. Lethargy. Moodiness.

As it's Feel Good Month, I wanted to help make sure those sugar lows are minimal, cut out where it's easy. Reduce your sugar in your drinks, avoid the boxes of cereals, yoghurts, low fat ice creams, that "extra" biscuit and make your own meals from scratch where and when you can. These are small changes, ones that can make a difference to your Sugar Management System. Swop the fruit for vegetables, drink water and not squash, avoid fizzy drinks and try using slightly less sugar in baking.

Breakfast is a hard one to avoid if you aren't keen on a hot, savory dish. Not all of us can rise to a plate of eggs and bacon, no matter how wonderful it smells. Some only opt for toast and jam or a box of cereal as its easy, sweet and a habit. We end up starting the day on a sugar high, not the best way to begin if you plan to try and avoid sweet items for the rest of the day. You are already on a sugar low before you get to work!

I have put together a high protein, low sugar Blueberry Breakfast Bake and I reckon it's been one of the best things I have eaten for breakfast in a while. Try the recipe from the Recipe Pages. Add some protein powder to enrich it even more, leave it in the fridge for 3-4 days and pre-make it so you eat it cold or heat it up quickly in the morning. No excuses for a bowl of cereal when this in the fridge!

Try and be mindful over your sugar. Not all of us are aware of how much sugar we should consume and how much we actually do. When I visit a client with a food diary analysis, I take a bag of sugar representing what they should be eating and a bag of sugar representing what they are actually eating on an average day. Some of them are quite surprised by the difference in size and decide to make changes immediately. NHS Guidelines state that we should be consuming 30g of sugar a day if we are over 11 - about 7 teaspoons. I will add here that a regular can of Coke has 39g of sugar in it...get the picture?

Many find a reduction of overall diet related symptoms and more energy when they think carefully over their sweet food choices. Better moods mean better meal decisions, less snacking and weight loss, if that's your goal.

I reckon that's a good way to start the Spring Months and a fab way to treat our bodies. So, Boost The Mood and go on Sugar Watch....

Step 3 Tomorrow...we will get you feeling good!