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Lunch Box Blues 2

Lunch Box Blues 2

Thursday 17th January 2019
By Barefaced Eating

Part 2 The Quick Tips

Here are some short cut tips for packing a great lunch.

  • Think ahead, ahead, ahead! If you are making dinner, can anything be increased or saved to add to a lunch box? Make your lunch box a creative haven for leftovers.
  • If time is short, pick a day to make up the lunches, freeze the bits you can freeze (like ready-made sandwiches) and use them later in the week. For the fresher items that can't be frozen (pasta salads, leftover rice, etc.), serve them up at the beginning of the week to use up.
  • Find some low sugar, readymade snacks to slip in a lunchbox for the end of the week days when homemade pre-made food is running out.
  • Make your own cookies, see recipes, and put in the freezer, pack them in lunch boxes the night before or the morning to defrost.
  • Lunch boxes can be made the night before, so don't try and add this to the morning rush. When you're cooking dinner and making a right mess anyway, just get the lunch boxes out then.

A list of great items to pack when time is pushed...

Bananas, oranges (no washing)
Little bags of popcorn, low sugar
The snacking size packs of jerky (see one of the Foodie Spotlights)
Low fat, baked crisp varieties
Smoothies, good quality readymade
Travel pots of fresh fruit or fruit in juice
Falafels (good to munch when you have decent quality ones)
Good quality cooked cocktail sausages
Crackers or oat cakes
Cheese snacking packs
Natural yoghurt pot or low sugar one
Take a look at Whitworth's Shots, (see Foodie Spotlights) or similar to boost a natural yoghurt

I will aim to add some more to this list as I come across them. The Foodie Spotlights are a great to spot on The Blog as you may find products that you hadn't seen before that you just may love.

Most importantly here - DON'T SKIP YOUR LUNCH!
1) You will feel exhausted
2) You will feel irritable
3) Your body needs regular nutrition to function at its best
4) You will seek other alternatives to get you through the day (coffee, extra tea, sugary snacks, sweets, biscuits)
5) You WILL end up doing something you will regret - an unnecessary cream cake/bag of crisps, glass of wine, fall asleep at work/home and miss the school run, argue with someone either random or close to you, forget something, drop something (phone), eat one of the kids teas, bump the car, sorry, got carried away there , they are all things I have done due to a missed lunch in the past. Be warned!

Barefaced Eating means EATING, enjoying and having a great attitude towards a strong healthy you!