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Sunday 27th January 2019
By Barefaced Eating

Are You A Serial Weigher?

It's morning, the sun is gently peeping through the windows, the birds are singing and it's the weekend, the simple pleasures in life can be so wonderful. Then WHAM, you step on those scales and your day is ruined.

Does this sound familiar? Then you are most definitely a "Serial Weigher" and this can certainly bring about a whole range of feelings. A good reading (low one) and you're as high as a kite, this is typical addict behaviour surely? And if you can't get the reading you were hoping for, it's maybe a hunt to take down that individual who must have sabotaged the scales somehow! Even if no one has, you will act as though the whole family has set up a weighing conspiracy against you, with sulking and snapping and feeling generally awful for the whole day.

How can a little box have such an impact on our mood? How can we let it? Unless you own a fairly expensive set of scales, it's more than likely the calibration of this little unit is less accurate than perfect anyway and you should really be thinking twice about ruining a perfectly good day over a pound or two...Really?

The scales obsession doesn't just end there though. More often or not, as we drag our fed up and suddenly heavier bodies (!?) around for the day, we are not only feeling low, but we end up reaching into the cupboard. Why the hell not? It's a bad day anyway, it's all going wrong and you just as may well start the healthy eating again tomorrow. And tomorrow and...tomorrow. The scales obsession can actually cause weight gain in its own right!

Barefaced Eating certainly doesn't suggest never standing on the scales again, but what would actually happen if you went a little cold turkey and put this ritual on once a month instead? You will get a much better "overall" view of your weight and only go through the trauma every 4 weeks which would impact on your mental wellbeing far less.

If we are bumbling along, eating well, in the right portions and keeping active where ever possible, we should be keeping to the right weight and if you are wanting to shed some weight, this will happen slowly and within the confines of living a normal life. Focus on something else!

So many people embark on a fad diet to get rid of weight quickly, deprive themselves, lose the weight, only to be put it back on again (and more!) when they stop the diet. How about losing weight due to your lifestyle? One you are happy to commit to because it makes you feel good! Well-nourished brains with the right vitamins and minerals in our bodies keeps us energised and feeling happy and it's a way of life that's sustainable.

So, to the scales. These only have the potential to sabotage the good in life. Step on them once a month if you want to keep an eye on your weight, but you could just use your clothes as the best measure?

Keep your days positive, encourage good habits, cook from scratch and really enjoy the food you are eating and the strong body that you have. And let those scales build up a little dust.