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What Holds You Back?

What Holds You Back?

Monday 4th February 2019

Think about it...what adventure is hidden deep inside you? What challenge or event? Many of us may say "Oh, I'm happy as I am", but have a longer think, a more honest one.

A challenge or event doesn't have to be a big one or one that scares the hell out of you, but how about a passionate one, something that holds your interest? What would hold you back?

Looking at toilet statistics (particularly related to women this one), many of us are held back by sanitary pause issues (love that phrase). Whether it's the constant need to wee, a new lifelong investment in Tena, a frustrating period cycle that does what the hell it likes or just the need to top up the lip gloss, you women like to know there isn't a toilet too far away.

So, if you had an adventure inside you that was held back by toilet issues, perhaps you should think "really?".

What about the fact you just can't up and leave your responsibilities and take time away from life? Why not? A challenge, doesn't have to be weeks long!

What about those who love their straighteners, eye lashes, make up and nails? Come on! Maybe some time off those will reset your outlook?

A challenge is something for YOU to overcome, it's personal and we all have different levels, needs and limits. It may be wishing you could hold a spider without screaming, take part in a Park Run, abseil down a rock face, climb a mountain, learn to swim, or just get a new job, it's about making a decision to DO something. It empowers you, gives your mind and body strength and a new outlook that refreshes you and brings a spring in your step.

So be Barefaced, think about a challenge YOU could do (it may stop you thinking about food for while).

See the Barefaced Challenge coming here if you need some inspiration.