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Are You Fed Up With Food?

Are You Fed Up With Food?

Tuesday 22nd January 2019
By the Barefaced Eating Blogger

We are literally force-fed food everywhere. You turn on the TV and we are constantly bombarded with adverts about food, programmes about food and news about food. We walk down the high street and there are so many fast food cafes, restaurants and eateries we don't know which one to choose. We are sent vouchers and offers in various forms to encourage us to buy different foods and crikey, we can now get whole meals delivered to us so we have that extra mail to deal with now too!

It's no surprise that some of us can feel a little pressurised by food, especially if you are wanting to lose weight. It can be a little like teasing a feline hungry dog by swinging a cat in front of him all day, just out of reach. That dog is going to get pretty fed up, frustrated and a bit snappy in the end. Abstaining is actually quite exhausting!

So one tip you may find useful is to give yourself some time out from it! Books are a great way to lose yourself a little, and give you a bit of refocus. Think about the last good book you read and consider how it impacted you and gave you something to think about. Did you recommend it to a friend? Did they read it and then did you chat about it? Did it encourage you to do anything, even if it was to just get another book!?

Books can sharpen the mind and actually teach you things. They may introduce you to something in life you never knew about, or thought you would like and this could inspire you to do things a little differently. They can fill you with another perspective (but stay away from recipe books!) and take your mind away from the usual habitual thought process of food, food, food.

Escape the constant thoughts about food, focus on something else. If reading isn't your out for the next blogs coming up.