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Foodie Spotlight - Flora Dairy Free

Foodie Spotlight - Flora Dairy Free

Friday 8th February 2019
By Barefaced Eating

Dairy Free butters seem to be everywhere now. Olive oil and other vegetable based products are out there to try and if you are a plant based individual, you will be quite surprised with the choice and quality.

However, when it comes to the good old favourite, shortbread, which one would still give you that buttery, short flavour and texture that we all love and find so comforting?

Welcome to Flora Dairy Free. If chilled enough, this is an easy one to rub into flour. Biscuits and pastries all seem to be a breeze and it tastes lovely too! I made a white sauce and the result was a creamy, full flavoured sauce and a shortcrust pastry for a basic jam tart had a crisp base with buttery flavour. It certainly didn't have that lingering, fatty aftertaste other brands of dairy free spreads can sometimes have. I passed the Toast Test with flying colours...I unfortunately had to consume a few slices, just to be sure though :-)

However, even though Flora company is part of a group that is dedicated to using oil from sustainable palm trees, I will continue to search for other brands to rely on too. Finding one without palm oil seems to be IMPOSSIBLE though so please do let me know on I can try next.

Although I am not one to scrimp on the best flavours and products, I will try and do what I can to help our lovely planet.

Happy "shortbreading" folks.