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Anyone Else Fed Up?

Anyone Else Fed Up?

Friday 20th November 2020
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Well, it seems that lock down is continuing for a little longer, so I've decided it's time to address the current mindset many of us are in. Time to KICK START some good moods!

Over the past months I have found I have really missed seeing FACES. Not the eyes peering over masks, or the miserable faces belonging to my family, but whole faces, mouths and noses. Facial expressions say so much and whilst I am out, I am saddened by the lack emotions or feelings on display. What happened to the look of apology when you cross someone's path by accident, or that look of thanks when you let someone through first?

We have all been adjusting to the new format of chatting via video, whether you have been on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Google Team, etc., so I am now adapting my services a little to REACH OUT to those who are ready to make some changes. This will be done from your home, to my home and you will see my whole face! This will be personalised and confidential to you.

Lifestyle Coaching Covers

  • Diet
  • Activity
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness

Each of these issues can impact one another, so these sessions will enable you to make goals and experience changes that will be sustainable for life. If you are interested in this, take a look at the Coaching Tab and see how it can work for you.