Cottage Cheese Pancakes and Applesauce


These pancakes are packed full of protein. A good option for a leisurely weekend breakfast with the family as everyone will enjoy these. Sustaining and refuelling after a run or brisk early walk and can be adapted very easily to change the fruits. I have served these with cherries and pomegranates in the past, to really add some bright colours to the plate.

Recipe & Instructions


< 60g Wholewheat Plain Flour (or any other flour you may want to use)
<120g of plain low fat Cottage Cheese
<1 tablespoon of Baking Powder
< pinch salt
< 2 large egs
< 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
< 1 tablespoon Protein Powder (optional)
< 1 tsp Coconut Oil

Homemade Sugar-free Applesauce to serve with 1 tsp Greek Yoghurt and a handful of toasted oats or the protein granola.
Any other fruits can be used here instead, try mashing them to release their sweetness and swirling through some Greek Yoghurt.

Whisk all of the pancake ingredients together, part from the coconut oil. Heat the oil in a non stick pan and cook spoonfuls of the mix until bubbling and flip to cook the other side. Serve as suggested above.

Serves 4

Nutritional Value

Calories Per Serving - 230
Carbohydrate 28.9g
Protein 16.8g
Fat 4.5g