Supergreen Salmon


This is as fresh, nutritious and filling as it gets! Bright green quinoa really looks the business next to the bright pink salmon - over 25g of protein in this dish and full of Omega-3. When I see clients who suffer from depression and low moods, I can already guess their intake of this beneficial fatty acid is either extremely low or non-existent before looking at their food diary! Not only does it promote good brain health it also can help towards prevention of heart disease and eye problems. So, eat up your oily fish! Or find some supplements :-)

Recipe & Instructions


  • 2 large Salmon fillets
  • 3 Courgettes - sliced thinly in to ribbons (can be done with a vegetable peeler or mandolin)
  • 75g Green Fine Beans - halved
  • 75g Tenderstem Broccoli - sliced
  • 100g Watercress
  • 2 tbsp Sunflower Seeds
  • 240g Quinoa - dry
  • 3 Spring Onions - finely sliced
  • Vegetable Stock

For The Quinoa Dressing

  • 2 garlic cloves peeled
  • 1/2 red or green chilli
  • 1 lime - zest and juice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 50ml water
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • large bunch of Coriander - leaves and stalks
  • 1 small bunch or Parsley

Serves 4

First, make the dressing and put aside. Whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor until smooth and GREEN! Add a bit more water to loosen if necessary.

Poach or steam the salmon for 8-10 minutes. Set aside. Bring the vegetable stock to the boil. Add the quinoa (after washing first) and stir once. Simmer the quinoa without disturbing for 12-15 minutes until little "sprouts" can be seen from the grain. The stock should have disappeared. Fluff up with a fork and put in to a large bowl.
Steam the green beans and add the sliced courgette at the very last minute just to heat though.

To assemble, mix the dressing in the quinoa (reserving 1 tbsp). Stir through the spring onions and gently add the vegetables. Dish the mix up between 4 plates. Flake the salmon in to chunks and divide over the top of the quinoa. Top with the fresh watercress leaves and sunflower seeds and a drizzle of the remaining dressing.

Nutritional Value

Calories Per Serving 337
Carbohydrate 44.8g
Protein 25.9g
Fat 15.9g