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Bad Habits Of Dieting Number 2

Bad Habits Of Dieting Number 2

Sunday 28th May 2017

"Hey Ken, I'm Going To Need A Big Pie After This Game!"

Bad Dieting Habit Number 2

Here it is, number 2 on my list of Bad Dieting Habits. This one's only a short one and just to point out that there maybe many of us who can relate to it.

I have seen a few clients with the same problem regarding weight loss. It all seems like a mystery to them. They are exercising 4-5 times a day, they have embarked on this new "keep fit" lifestyle, proud that they can now tolerate the frequent trips to the gym, they've made friends there, brought a whole wardrobe of fantastic branded kit to wear and they work hard, with sweat, pain and tears to prove it. So why - why have they not lost weight?

After gentle probing and the usual Full Diet Analysis I run, I can see exactly what is going on and it's one that many of us could perhaps see a little of in their own behaviour?

You've been to the gym, or may be you have embarked on a sweat breaking run or ride. You've just necked a glass of something, a smoothie or anything that had brought around instant refreshment and then it hits you. You have somehow given yourself a free pass to eat everything in the cupboard! It does appear from some Food Diaries I look at, that there seems to be more thought given to the gym workout and matching attire (see Barbie and her cerise and turquoise number there) than the food to be consumed afterwards. I'm not sure a doughnut will ever become the preferred choice of post-workout snack! However, I have seen it!

I have walked through the gym café on many occasions, opting for a healthy snack, smoothie or protein option to help recover from what usually is a hard workout. I will admit, I am sometimes tempted; the bacon sandwich, red sauce and white bread that passes me with the waitress makes me think "Corr, I reckon I deserve that." However, I don't succumb. Not usually.

I am constantly bombarded with information about the best foods to eat and when to eat when it comes to exercise. I would like to start by saying that one piece of information I came across a long time ago is one that always sticks; and one that I always pass on - Good weight maintenance is 70% what you do in the kitchen and 30% what you do in the gym. So, there should be more focus on what you eat, rather than what you do!

Whereas it is possible to lose weight when just focusing on food, it is not possible to lose weight if you are exercising but heading off down to "Take Out Bills" every night. Back to moderation again I think - I do not think you should be swopping your 5k run or indoor bike session to go and chop vegetables but I do think you should be preparing those vegetables on your return. Include a good protein within 30-40 minutes of your workout and then eat as you normally would - sensibly with correct portions!

It does seem such a pity that you have created all of this wonderful momentum to find something to raise your heart rate and make you sweat a little, if you undo all of that good work within half an hour of getting your gym kit off! Consider why you have decided to undertake that exercise - no doubt it's because you wanted to feel better, treat your body to some care and some love, feel fitter and stronger? Continue with this frame mind when you return to the kitchen or pass the café. What you feed your body is such an intrinsic part to good health, so feel proud of the functional food you consume. You will begin to enjoy them, look forward to them and feel the benefits. Remember, quick weight loss is not an indication of the healthy body you are creating from the inside.

So, when I walk through the café and see those bacon sandwiches? I know on the whole, I am proud of what I feed my body, it feels strong and healthy and I love designing dishes to try different foods and combinations. I don't want to be spoiling what good things I do most of the time. I might just have one of those sandwiches at the weekend though...☺