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Shh, Don't Call It A Diet

Shh, Don't Call It A Diet

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Mind over matter I reckon. As you soon as you label your diet as a "diet", it's doomed! The cravings, bad mood and negative thoughts surrounding the eating you NEED to do sets in and the spiral of diet failure begins.

Why not chill the hell out with this? Ok, you may need to lose weight, you may feel you need to get a little healthier and fitter, but why "diet"? You could just adapt and fall in love with a new lifestyle? Tweak the shopping style, start enjoying other foods, hobbies, past times or begin a campaign of "organised eating" (thank you Lisa, that was one from you!).

"Organised Eating" make a lot of sense when it comes to feeding yourself well. Think about it, those days when you have made the worst choices and then spent many hours beating yourself up about them, were they days you had rushed out of the door late? Forgotten to do the usual food shop? Had unexpected friends arrive, or just because it was a bad day?

Cooking from scratch DOES take a little thought and preparation, but once you have established it, it's with you for life. Not a quick fix diet with convenience foods and ready made dishes that just feeds bad organisation.

Change the root cause, change the way you LIVE and don't call it a diet!