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Do You Fake It?

Do You Fake It?

Friday 1st February 2019
By The Barefaced Eating Blogger

No, we're not talking about boobs, eyelashes, nails and "other" areas of our lives here...we are referring to food substitutes.

You know the ones, fake butter, artificial sweeteners, low fat products, "cheeseless" cheese, dairy free, low fat, squirty cream and a whole array of snack bars and packets of stuff that would have less unrecognised ingredients in them if they had flown in from another planet! You know the ones, they are made to look and taste like the real deal, but with half the calories?

How about a re-focus that could maybe refresh us? One where you don't feel deprived and starved of all the good stuff. What would happen if you didn't reach for a well-known diet brand cereal bar and you had a moderately sized piece of homemade flapjack instead? One that was made with real butter and golden syrup? Corr, it would taste lovely no doubt, give you a bit of a buzz probably and could actually satisfy your cravings. We bet the quick fix "diet bar" wouldn't have you skipping off without you looking over your shoulder a few more times at the food cupboard again?

So, how about that re-focus being on the good stuff? The real deal that has been loved and produced by people who care? Using quality ingredients, sustainable sources and a whole heap of enthusiasm? Surely, the cheap, fake foods that are mass produced to give us that "healthy eating" buzz we are drawn to, should be avoided? Generally these products are full of marketing initiatives to pull us in, appealing to our need to lose weight fast, get fit quick?

Ask yourself - "What would happen if I ate the real stuff, in moderation, with control?" With the right portions, exercise and with the attitude you could lose weight in a sustainable way, where you would enjoy life and eating again!

Note - If you are someone who would struggle with "the control" part of this, some help with this is coming as you most certainly aren't alone!