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Fad Diets In The Bin!

Fad Diets In The Bin!

Sunday 10th February 2019
By The Barefaced Eating Blogger

There are so many diets, celebrity chefs, celebrity diets, workouts, plans, books, and programmes out there, it can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to knowing what to eat.

What happens if you want to lose weight though? How do you decide what to follow? Whose advice is going to give you the best results?

Unfortunately, we are a nation of impatient people watchers. We read about people losing weight, we follow the lives we want to live, the clothes we want to wear, and we want them all NOW! Quick weight loss plans, clubs, pills and even surgery is the extent many of us go to for the ultimate figure, but the results...? Not usually a happiness that's sustained and many pile on more weight later.

Barefaced Eating is making a stand. It follows a common-sense approach to diet and lifestyle and when the correct balance is found, the mind will find peace, the body will find its place and you can get on with living your life, instead of winging it from one meal to the next.

This is called a sustainable lifestyle approach to eating. In other words, just doing what your body needs. Eating to fuel it and really looking after it. Eating portions in keeping with your body size and activity levels. Finding healthy, colourful ingredients, fresh and seasonal. Keeping treats to a minimum but not disallowing them.

If you need to lose weight, reduce your portions of carbohydrates at meal times and fill up with more fruit and vegetables. It doesn't require scales, calorie counting or anxiety, just use your common sense and reduce it overall.

Finding time to exercise and relax is also essential though, and if you're keen to lose some pounds, up the activities! Less screen time but try meditation, read, listen to music and allow your body to rest. It's just as important as getting your heart rate going during exercise.

Your mind is a powerful tool to a healthy body and when that's looked after, the rest will follow. You will focus less on food and what you can't eat and start living again.

A Sustainable Lifestyle Approach to eating - Try it.