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Bad Habits Of Dieting Number 2

Sunday 28th May 2017

"Hey Ken, I'm Going To Need A Big Pie After This Game!" Bad Dieting Habit Number 2 Here it is, number 2…

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Bad Habits Of Dieting - Number 1

Wednesday 24th May 2017

I was having a conversation with a client the other day and it was quite clear that there was a…

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My Hemp Addiction

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Whoa, before you wonder whether I've lost my mind, you're not going to find me rolling any joints up, outside…

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It's Coeliac Week!!

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Do you know a coeliac? There are 1 in 100 of us that suffer from this so the chances are,…

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Is It Time For Chocolate Cake?

Monday 1st May 2017

Is It Time For Chocolate Cake? Okay folks, it's the last check in with Feel Good Month and today is a…

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The Habit That Makes Us A Bit...

Sunday 30th April 2017

Day 6 of the 7 Steps to Improve Your Mood and we're nearing the end! Hopefully there will be…

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Sun...An Essential Supplement?

Saturday 29th April 2017

It's step 5 of the 7 Days to Improve The Mood and today I want to give a very special…

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"No - Not Another Exercise Day..."

Friday 28th April 2017

Hello! Step 4 and day 4 of the Feel Good Week! I am going to give you an easy…

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Mocha or Matcha?

Thursday 27th April 2017

And it's Day 3 of the 7 Steps to a Better Mood! I hope some of the suggestions so far…

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Sugar - Is This YOUR Drug?

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Hey, day 2 and step 2 of the strategy to Boost The Mood! I reckon one of the things…

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